8 Tips to Enjoy Online Lectures so you Don’t Get Bored Quickly

Online lecture – Nowadays many Universities implement online learning systems. This means that all lectures will be conducted with an online lecture system. It was fun at first, because there was no need to go to campus. However, after some time boredom began to hit. The longing to return to face-to-face is definitely there.

Boredom can certainly reduce enthusiasm, even affect values. This condition must be addressed immediately right now. For this reason, this article provides some of the best tips from overcoming boredom towards online lectures and turning this online lecture into a very interesting learning.

8 Tips to enjoy online lectures so you don’t Get Bored Quickly

  1. Get Enough Rest

Online lectures already, assignments already, snacking also already. The last time is for you to maintain your health with adequate rest. So that your brain can be fresh again and the knowledge you have can be absorbed well in your memory. Rest is also important to improve the quality of your focus when studying online while at home.

  1. Prepare Your Favorite Snacks

After you take the online lecture smoothly, it’s good when the lecture is over, you can enjoy your favorite snacks to get your spirits back, you can also snack while doing the assignments given by the lecturer so that you won’t feel bored when you are in line.

  1. While listening to music

Everyone must have a different learning style. Some are more comfortable with listening to music and some even have their concentration easily disturbed when they listen to the sound of music. Please note, based on the results of research that has been conducted by University Health News that listening to music can make the brain nerves more active. So it will certainly increase the comfort of your heart and the cognitive ability of your brain, especially in memory. You can listen to music genres that suit or match your personality.

  1. Choose your preferred learning style

The most important thing in the learning process is to know the learning style that is most liked by oneself. That way you will be more comfortable to absorb the material provided by the lecturer.

  1. Choose a comfortable place to study

Learning requires a comfortable and safe place. For those of you who don’t like to be disturbed while studying, comfortable learning conditions are needed. Studying in a comfortable place will definitely increase your concentration power to be higher.

  1. Set up learning properties

While participating in online learning activities, you must prepare learning properties before participating in the teaching and learning process. You must check the internet connection, laptop, to other supporting properties that make the teaching and learning process more interesting and fun.

  1. Network Connection Online Must Be Smooth

Another factor that can affect your boredom is a poor internet network. The signal is intermittent so that it is difficult to understand what the lecturer conveys. Therefore, find a place that can guarantee the internet network. Don’t just be in the room, but the bad signal is silent. Find a place where the signal will not be interrupted by hearing the lecturer deliver the lecture material.

  1. Use social media for discussion

You must make the most of social media on your cellphone. Here you can have a good discussion and communication. Especially for those of you who don’t understand the lecture material. This is when you can ask each other questions and ask questions to have this discussion.


Online lectures seem more practical, especially since most students nowadays are used to using technology. However, social contact that was suddenly restricted made some people get bored quickly and began to be depressed because they could not meet with friends and family relatives. As a result, they face difficulties attending online lectures. For this reason, this article was created to maintain enthusiasm during online lectures and maintain the optimism of studying so that it does not dim quickly.

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