5 Tips for Studying Online Be More Effective

Although studying online are not something new in the world of lectures, there are still those who have difficulty in living it. The reason is, in addition to requiring a device and internet connection, online lectures can sometimes also be very tiring and boring.

Many students feel that they don’t understand when studying online and consider it less effective. Even though it could be that the ineffectiveness was caused by the student himself. In order for the online lectures you are studying to be effective, please take a look at some of the tips below.

5 Tips for Studying Online Be More Effective

  1. Get Enough Rest

The first tip for online lectures to be effective is to get enough rest. Getting enough sleep and not staying up late will make you better prepared to take online lectures, both physically and in your brain. If you don’t rest well, then you may become less focused on accepting lecture material and actually get sleepy during online lectures.

  1. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Try setting aside a few minutes to do light exercise to keep your body healthy and strong. Moving the body is really good for blood circulation and also for refreshing your brain. Also avoid going to bed late to avoid getting sleepy when you take online lectures in the morning.

Even though your online lecture is off cam and your face doesn’t show up at class meetings, but if you’re sleepy then you won’t focus on the lecture. A healthy lifestyle will help you feel more energized and increase productivity.

  1. Keep the Mood Good

A good mood from waking up will greatly affect your feelings and productivity throughout the day. Before you take an online lecture, you should not spend time playing mobile phones. This will make you later become lazy, easily bored and less productive. So when online lectures are running, it could be that your eyes and brain are already exhausted because you play too many gadgets.

  1. Prepare Everything Well

The third tip for your online lectures to be effective is to prepare everything well. Unlike the offline lectures on campus, which are all prepared by the campus, you must prepare the equipment for online lectures yourself.

You will need a cellphone or laptop connected to the internet, as well as an application or browser to open the online lecture. In addition, you also need to prepare stationery as an aid to record certain things, as well as a calculator if it is needed.

  1. Studying Online Material Review

The next tip is to review the studying online material that you have received and studied earlier. Usually when studying online you are also given files that you can open on a laptop or mobile phone. Study and re-read the material so you can understand better. If necessary, add important notes or look for other materials to make them more complete and mark or color things that are important.

  1. Active Discussion

Never be shy to ask if you don’t understand. As the saying goes that it is ashamed to ask perverted questions on the street. If you are embarrassed to ask, then you will not understand the learning material. You can also discuss new information that you have heard and discuss it with other lecturers and friends, you know. Who knows that the information you have can be an interesting discussion and add new knowledge.


Well, those are the tips that you can try to keep studying online fun and effective. Indeed, the change of the lecture system to online has many challenges for students. However, you must be able to adapt as soon as possible so as not to miss a lesson. Don’t let online lectures as an obstacle to success

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