5 Tips for Managing Time During Online Lectures

Managing time during online lectures is very important. Whether realized or not, many students spend time just playing gadgets or enjoying entertainment media so that lecture assignments become piled up. In fact, students at this time should be careful in managing time so as not to be wasted.

Online Lectures
Online Lectures

In general, online lectures are different from other types of education, they must seem more relaxed, in fact, online lectures have their own challenges. You need concentration as well as extra skills in managing time. Well, for that this article provides five tips for managing time during online lectures to be even more effective

List of Tips for Managing Time During Online Lectures

  1. Sort priority scale

The first step of the tips for managing online lecture time is to sort the priorities of the activities. Prioritize online lecture schedules with lecturers, then follow them with study schedules independently. After that, just do the task according to the closest deadline or sift through difficult tasks well in advance of the deadline. If there is a need for guidance with the lecturer, don’t forget to schedule it in advance.

  1. Create an Schedule of activities

After sorting the priority scale, it’s time to create an agenda of activities. The agenda of this activity contains what you want to do in the future. Make the best possible agenda, for example, setting out when to do coursework, guidance with lecturers, or completing end-of-semester projects.

So that it doesn’t pass the deadline, also record the duration of the work so that you can measure how long you do assignments or end-of-semester projects. Remember, don’t miss the deadline that has been set so that later you will not be overwhelmed.

  1. Recognize what distracts you

The next tip for managing time is to recognize the thing that distracts you. It is undeniable, as a student, you must have things that make you distracted from the online lectures you run. Don’t leave it alone, you have to recognize anything that can distract you.

Find out if the cause is such as posts from social media, chats from friends and others. By understanding what makes you distracted from college, you can also set a strategy to avoid it. As a result, you will definitely focus more on online lectures.

  1. Don’t delay work

One of the diseases that are unknowingly dangerous is to postpone work. For example, when you are given an assignment by a lecturer, instead of directly working on it, you prefer to postpone it because the deadline is still far away.

In fact, if doing a task is included in your priority list, delaying it can interfere with your plan. In the end, you will do tasks when you are approaching the deadline so that the results are not optimal. Therefore, so that your priority list is not messy, immediately do the assigned task or work shortly after you receive it.

  1. Keep taking time to Break

Tips for managing time during online lectures should also not miss the break session. Although online lectures may seem more relaxed, it does not mean that during lectures you can be lazy. So that during online lectures you can think clearly and concentrate, you need to take a special time to relax.

The goal is clear, you can use this free time to refresh your mind before receiving new lecture materials again. Remember, during this free time, try to focus with yourself. Forget about temporary lectures so that you are better prepared when you start lectures in the future.


Online Lectures have their own challenges. If you’re not good at timing, your lectures become a mess. Because the flexibility of time offered actually makes students complacent and unfocused with their studies. For the five tips above can be a solution to Manage Time During Online Lectures so that your time is not wasted a lot.

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