4 Impact of Implementing Online Lectures

Online lectures are an alternative option for teaching and learning activities.  All teaching and learning activities such as discussions and presentations are carried out online in order to strive for the continuation of lecture activities.

Meanwhile, for online lectures, students and lecturers must prepare devices and applications to support teaching and learning activities. Applications that provide face-to-face services in the form of audio and video such as, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype and WhatsApp Group.

However, lectures are more effective for students if they are face-to-face. Especially for freshmen. because these freshmen are still adapting themselves from the School level to the University level. The one where the difference in School and University levels is a little much different. Then What are the impacts and habits of implementing this online lecture? Let’s look at the following.

4 Impact of Implementing Online Lectures

  1. Self-Study

The online lecture method is a view where we learn together but do not meet in person. The positive point is that it allows us students to develop their potential through courses taught by lecturers on a limited basis by conducting independent learning methods.

This self-study method is the number one learning method because the internet world is very wide. By typing in keywords according to what we are looking for, search engines will display a lot of material, and information according to what we want to know.

Seeing this, of course, online lectures are a positive point for students in broadening their horizons. In addition to getting explanations from teaching lecturers, we can also develop the knowledge we get from articles and journals on the internet.

  1. Devices and Connections

Following an online lecture, of course, you will find a message in the chat column from a college student saying, “I’m sorry, mom, I don’t have a camera permission. My network is unstable.” There is also the message “Sorry ma’am, my camera is broken, I can’t be on camera” and other reasons related to the equipment and connections needed for online lectures.

This is certainly a problem for the Ministry of Education and Culture and all levels of education, which apply the online lecture method. Then what about the obstacles related to the equipment used for online lectures? Of course, this is also a very difficult problem for students who are studying online.

In this case, of course, online lectures are also not as perfect as direct learning methods. It would be a pity if a student has a bad connection or the device he has has a defect that is damaged, so it can affect the learning process.

  1. Behavior in Lectures

At first, online lectures were welcomed positively by students because they felt that with online lectures they could do it by lying down, eating, and several other activities. As time goes by with the pandemic that never ends, online lectures start to feel boring so that some students can’t focus on their learning.

some just listen without paying attention, some after joining online lectures they do other activities, and some students even don’t take lectures. Of course, this kind of behavior will interfere with the learning process so that the knowledge they should get cannot be well received. This is another challenge for lecturers to think about how to keep students focused and receive all the material well.

  1. Time management

Effective time management is one of the skills that you can practice during online lectures. The better you manage your time, the easier it will be for you to achieve your goals. Basically, everyone has 24 hours every day. However, how you use your time is what will make your position different from others. Then, when you can manage your time effectively, you can be more productive in studying or doing other activities.

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