4 Factors of Student Learning Problems When Prolonged Online Lectures

For more than a year, many students have been attending online lectures. Of course they feel bored and want to be able to go back to college face-to-face. This kind of situation is a new problem that must be solved immediately. For example, a lot of tasks, short processing time, the number of quotas, and signal conditions make students only able to take part in lecture activities from home.

Because this prolonged online lectures causes four categories of problems faced by students, namely academic, personal, family, and social. There a four factors, of course, they are interrelated with each other. Therefore, this article will provide an explanation of these four factors.

List of Factors for Student Learning Problems Online Lectures

  1. Academic

Academic factors, for example, students have difficulty or are not clear in understanding the material provided by lecturers, learning media is only PPT or voice. It can also be about text, problematic internet connections, internet signals for certain areas are problematic so that it is difficult to find task info and follow, and the number of tasks is not proportional to the lack of explanation from the lecturer.

  1. Privacy

Factors that affect personal problems include negative thinking and overthinking, feeling anxious, stressed, depressed, lonely due to academic problems, family and the others.

  1. Family

Family factors are generally related to the family conditions of students, such as being involved in conflicts with unwanted families, unsupportive family environments. Or economic/financial problems because some parents are out of work or income has declined due to the pandemic, as well as the existence of authoritarian, harsh, and traditional parenting patterns that are depressing.

  1. Social

Meanwhile, social factors, for example, cannot interact with others so that they feel lonely isolated and depressed, experience feelings of boredom at home, and lack of communication with others.

What are some of the problems that students often feel during online lectures?

  • Feeling alone and unable to socialize.
  • Rarely interact with others.
  • Feeling bored to study because there are no friends to interact with.
  • Often feel excessive anxiety.
  • Mood often rises and falls due to anxiety and worry about
  • lectures and frequent overthinking
  • The physical state becomes very poorly maintained due to full tasks and hours
  • Lectures are crowded, making it easy to get back pain.
  • Feeling more down due to lack of interaction with others as a result of too
  • Focus with digital tools for lectures
  • Feeling frustrated and saturated with tasks and starting to lose morale in
  • undergoing lectures.

Solutions and Tips that can be done when Online Lectures

  • Prepare mentally well

Before the lecture starts, it would be better if you prepare mentally and in good spirits. That way you will start to be comfortable in doing online learning activities.

  • Choose your preferred learning style

The most important thing in the online lectures process is to know the learning style that is most liked by oneself. That way you will be more comfortable to absorb the material provided by the lecturer.

  • Choose a comfortable place to study

Learning requires a comfortable and safe place. For those of you who don’t like to be disturbed while studying, comfortable learning conditions are needed. Studying in a comfortable place will definitely increase your concentration power to be higher.

  • Prepare a good intake of nutrients

What is the meaning of studying hard without good food. Yep, you are obliged to fulfill the good nutrition in your body. The nutrients obtained from these foods can increase your immunity and enthusiasm when doing online lectures.


Even though you are online lectures, it does not mean that you will always be bored and not enthusiastic about studying lectures. The most important thing is that you have to keep your spirits up and stop complaining. Rest assured that one day there must be a replacement. Although you won’t get the replacement right away, but rest assured everything will go very well later.

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