The Most Effective Online Lecture Methods in 2023

Online Lecture which has been going on for approximately 2 years is still a challenge for many parties, especially lecturers, students, and parents. There are various methods applied to achieve the maximum possible learning objectives.

Effective Online Lecture learning methods include blended learning and hybrid learning. While the learning model that is suitable for Online Lectures that is often applied is the synchronous and asynchronous learning model.

What is an effective synchronous online learning strategy? Of course, what makes students learn is fun and meaningful so that learning objectives can be achieved. For this reason, online learning must be prepared as well as possible.

Some Most Effective Online Lecture Methods

  • Creating a Learning Plan

The key to the success of Online Lectures starts from making a lesson plan. When making a learning plan, the Smart Teacher must determine the learning objectives, learning structure, teaching materials to be used, supporting learning media, learning evaluation, and class management.

  • Use of technology

The latest online lecture methods often utilize technology in their implementation. Technology can not only help smooth learning activities but can also increase student engagement during learning. Using technology does not necessarily refer to technologies that are high-tech and require advanced tools.

Low-tech technologies such as Whatsapp can also be used by Smart Teachers to help successful online learning. The key is task before apps. Define new learning objectives look for technologies that are appropriate and can help students achieve learning goals, not the other way around. Examples of money technology that Smart Teachers can use when learning online are whatsapp, zoom, google meet, google classroom, interactive quizzes, and other applications.

  • Create engaging and effective learning media

Smart lecturers can try to design learning media using the design thinking method. The first thing lecturers must do is identify learning problems/difficulties that can be related to the material provided. After that, try to create a medium that can answer the problems faced by students.

After that, do not apply immediately. Do the trial activities first. Trials can be carried out by lecturers with colleagues or fellow lecturers and students themselves. After getting feedback/ input, lecturers can improve the learning media. Learning media can be in the form of images, infographics, videos, songs, applications, props and so on.

What are some learning techniques that lecturers might be able to apply?

  1. Provide energizer or interesting ice breaking activities.
  2. Get students to move. You as a lecturer can invite students to gymnastics, dance, or other activities that make students move.
  3. Deliver learning materials in varied ways. For example, not only with the lecture method, lecturers can also take advantage of various interesting learning media and help students understand the lesson.
  4. Involve students in the learning process. Don’t let students just sit still and have to hear lectures from lecturers. Activities that involve students, for example by discussing. As a lecturer you can take advantage of the breakout room feature and divide students into small groups. Make sure students are active and involved in the discussion by visiting each group during the discussion activities.
  5. Evaluate each lesson. Evaluation does not have to be by giving students questions or tests to work on. Evaluation can be done by creating polls, asking random students, and so on depending on the purpose of the evaluation itself. If the evaluation is only to ensure students understand the lesson can use polling, survey, and observation techniques.


The online lecture learning strategy 2 years ago is no longer a big challenge if the lecturer does not hesitate to always learn. Learn to understand student needs, learn technology that can support the teaching and learning process, to learn the latest types of learning methods that may be applicable in the lecturer’s online class.

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