7 Ways to Get Rid of Drowsiness During Zoom Meeting

Drowsiness during a zoom meeting / Google Meet is sometimes difficult to avoid. Poor sleep quality is usually one of the main factors of drowsiness. Want to stay literate is difficult, want to be taken to sleep afraid of getting angry. Yes, that’s how it is when it comes to online lectures.

zoom meeting
zoom meeting

It is difficult to get rid of drowsiness during online lectures. Especially if you zoom meeting in the room. The mattress always tempts you to lie down. Well, if you are one of the people who often sleepy during online classes. For this reason, this article summarizes tips to stay awake so that it can be optimal when participating in a Zoom meeting.

Some How to Get Rid of Drowsiness During Zoom Meeting

  1. Play your video background

Online lectures mostly use applications such as zoom and google. Well, it’s really cool for these two applications. You can play around with video backgrounds with funny photos or images. One of them, changing the background according to what is being taught.

  1. Treat your friends with filters on social media

Social media like Instagram has a variety of filters that you can use. You can entertain your friends by using that filter so that they look funny. Be careful to be caught by the lecturer when you smile or laugh to yourself. Also make sure to keep paying attention to the lecturer afterwards. Try to stay awake during the online class. At least, there must be some material that you captured from the lecturer’s explanation. You only need to re-evaluate the lecturer’s explanation after class.

  1. Take your pet to learn together

Do you have a pet you can take to your lap? Like cats, little dogs, and the like, you can make friends for online lectures. Lap your pets, invite them to play. But remember, don’t miss it. Stay focused on what the lecturer explains. Pets can reportedly raise mood and lower stress. Counting you invite your pet to participate in the study as well.

  1. Wash Your Face

Wash your face with cold water to make you feel refreshed again. It can also be a little walk around the office area. Doing this can help you get rid of drowsiness. Don’t be in a hurry. Make sure you are really no longer sleepy before returning to the meeting room.

  1. Take a short nap at rest time

Remember, don’t do this while it’s still a meeting or there’s a class. If you have time beforehand, sleep for 10-15 minutes. A very short nap can help you stay awake for a few hours and get through the day. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to do the rest of your work. You’ll also have more energy and focus.

  1. Look for spots exposed to sunlight

If you can move your tables and chairs by the window, do it. This is so that your body gets natural sunlight intake that can help you wake up. If you really can’t move to the window, you can buy a bright table lamp. Bright lights can invite your body and brain to be active again.

  1. Move your body

Exercise can be one of the most effective ways to wake yourself up. Before class, take a walk around your house. You can also do yoga or light push-ups and others. An increased heart rate will help you be more awake before going to the next class.


Those are some ways to get rid of sleepiness during zoom meeting that we can do. Everything can be tried immediately after reading this article. Hopefully, the next Zoom meeting can be followed with enthusiasm and without drowsiness.

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