Advantages and Disadvantages of Undergoing an Online Lecture System

Online lecture system As we already know that the impact of the pandemic on human life all changed last year, therefore humans must make it a habit for them to always wear masks wherever they go, they must also keep their distance from each other.

Online Lecture System
Online Lecture System

Likewise, in the aspect of education both from the elementary, secondary to the tertiary level, they carry out their learning system through the online lecture system for college students. By doing this Online Lecture System, of course, there must be advantages and disadvantages that students must face. Then what are they, let’s see more below.

Advantages of implementing an Online Lecture System

  • Easily accessible

Simply using a smartphone or other technological device such as a laptop connected to the internet, you can already access the material you want to learn. By applying online college system you can carry out learning activities anywhere, anytime.

  • More affordable costs

Of course, we all want to add knowledge without financial constraints. With an internet data package, you can access various learning materials without worrying about missing lessons if you don’t attend. It is recommended that you enroll in online college system because member fees are cheaper than taking lessons or courses at learning institutions.

  • Flexible study time

Usually most people who want to study again do not have enough time. One of the reasons may be that your time is already used for work. This digital-based learning or online college system is the solution. Time to study can be done at any time without being tied to study hours.

  • Broad insights

By applying e-learning, of course, you will find many things that you didn’t know at first. This is because some of the subject matter available in online college is not yet available in print media such as books that are often used in conventional teaching and learning methods. In contrast to face-to-face learning which is done by reading books.

Disadvantages of implementing an Online Lecture System

  • Limited internet access

One of the disadvantages of online lecture system learning methods is the limited internet access. If you are in an area that does not get stable internet coverage, then it will be difficult for you to access online lecture system services. This of course still happens a lot in some country considering that some areas (underdeveloped, frontier, and outermost) are still not reached by internet access. In addition, the price of using internet data is also still considered quite expensive for some country. This causes the ability to utilize online lecture system is still considered a privilege.

  • Reduced interaction with teaching lecturers

Some online lecture system learning methods are one-way. This causes teacher-student interaction to be reduced, making it difficult for you to get more explanations about the elusive material.

  • Understanding of the material

The material taught in online lecture system is responded to based on different levels of understanding, depending on the user’s ability. Some people may be able to capture material faster just by reading, but there are also those who take longer to fully understand. There are even those who need explanations from others in order to understand the material being studied.

  • Lack of Supervision in Learning

The lack of supervision in conducting online learning makes online college users sometimes lose focus. With the ease of access, some users tend to procrastinate study time. Self-awareness is needed so that the learning process with online methods becomes directed and achieves goals.


Those are some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Living the Online Lecture System. So far, the online system has helped in improving the learning and teaching process which cannot be done face-to-face due to limited space and time in learning.

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