The Impact of Online Lectures on Student Self Confidence

Self confidence is closely related to an attitude of confidence in the abilities and potential that exists within oneself. Self confidence can also be interpreted as a psychological condition where a person is optimistic and has positive thoughts about something to be done. Maintaining self confidence for teenagers is certainly very crucial considering that this is what will be used as capital to facilitate various aspects of life in adolescents.

self confidence
self confidence

When entering the adult phase, teenagers are generally actively looking for their identity by conducting various interactions ranging from the virtual world to the real world. These interactions will help teens find self-identity that can then form a benchmark for self confidence.

More About The Impact of Online Lectures on Student Self Confidence

Lectures held online undeniably bring teenagers to a situation of minimal interaction. The online lecture system tends to make most students feel more awkward and shy. This shows that the online lecture system makes students more individualist.

The feelings of awkwardness and shame experienced by respondents are closely related to the frequency of socialization between individuals. The feeling of discomfort that is present and felt can also be caused by changes in the situation, the presence of new people, or a form of fear of beliefs that are believed to be what others think.

Furthermore, the second factor that is the reason for the decreased self confidence is the feeling of fear of not being appreciated. This feeling generally arises because an individual has experienced something similar so that a lingering sense of trauma arises. This can also result from social situations that do not support the individual in doing something so that he often feels underestimated.

Another factor related to the decline in self confidence is the feeling of doubt in oneself. The feeling of doubt in oneself is certainly a barrier for college students to develop. In online lecture situations, students are sometimes more introverted and embarrassed to try new things because of this feeling of doubt.

Even so, feelings of doubt about oneself can be overcome, one of which starts with small things such as daring to answer questions asked by lecturers or joining discussion forums. Sometimes, feelings of doubt arise due to internal factors such as personal views that tend to be pessimistic to negative assumptions about what might happen.

The pandemic period that has been going on since 2020 has changed almost all aspects of human life, including the lecture system for students. However, the reality of the online learning system finds some serious obstacles related to interaction between students that affect the level of self-confidence.

The lack of student interaction in the implementation of online learning tends to erode the level of confidence in one’s potential. Of course, if this is allowed to go further, it can have an impact on more serious things such as antisocial attitudes and high individualism.

Students affected by the online learning system are expected to not dissolve in limited conditions. Some things that students may be able to do to increase self-confidence in online situations include trying to communicate starting from a small scope, taking courage to join a discussion forum, trying little by little to bring out ideas and ideas related to a topic that is being discussed both in class and in other discussions, and can also take the courage to answer questions asked by lecturers during learning.


The issue of self confidence is not something that can be changed instantly, but if students continue to use the online learning system as an excuse to be apathetic, this will then trigger more serious negative impacts. Therefore, students should still try to create an interactive and communicative environment in order to maintain confidence in their own abilities.

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