6 Interest and Aptitude Tests To Choose A Free Online College Major

Online College Sometimes you are not sure of your own thinking. Discussions with friends are even more confused because the majority of the choices are just that. Though you yourself feel less sreg with their choice. It’s time for you to believe in yourself. Currently, there are tools to help you find the field you will pursue according to your interests.

Online College
Online College

This is an interest and aptitude test available online. And what’s more exciting is that this interest and aptitude test is free of charge. Here’s an article about interest and aptitude tests to choose a free online college major. Hopefully, with this article, you will no longer hesitate to choose a online college major later.

6 Interest and Aptitude Tests To Choose A Free Online College Major

  1. Brainwonders – The Hub of Career Guidance

Brainwonders is an organization that believes that the best way to shape the world is to provide life for humanity . Proof of this is the demand for Brainwonders counseling services, which are very beneficial for children, adolescents and adults.

Many come to Brainwonders to do aptitude tests and psychometrics every day. As the largest career counselling company in India, there are 108 Brainwonders offices and it is nationally recognise with 7 National awards for its contribution to Preschool, School and Corporate Development.

  1. 123test

In This interest and aptitude for Free Online College Major you will easily understand the instructions because you use easy to understand sentences accompanied by easy illustrations. The test results will generate your personality profile along with the professions that are right for you.

  1. O-Net Interest Profiler

The test service, which is also used by the United States Department of Labor, has test questions in the form of questions that you must answer. The result is a display of your personality along with the appropriate career prospects.

This test was interesting and the results were quite good. The test results provide an overview of the profile, career as well as the recommended education. You need to be a little more proficient in English to understand the questions asked.

  1. Truity

Truity uses a measurement method commonly used personality in the world of international psychology otherwise known as The Big Five. This method assesses five dimensions of personality, namely Openness (openness to new things), Conscientiousness (thoughtfulness or prudence).

Extraversion (comfort level in interacting with others), Agreeableness (easy to get along or agree with others) and Neuroticism (ability to withstand one’s pressure or stress). For those of you who are quite proficient in English or want to improve your English skills, this one test is perfect. Because it uses a sentence description of the question that is not too long.

  1. com

This interest and aptitude test can be seen on http://educations.com website. With its catchphrase “Free Online Career Test”, the test is quite easy and practical to use. The number of questions is 35 questions. The answer will be displayed immediately after you finish answering the last question.

  1. Quipper Campus

This interest and aptitude test platform has an assessment formula that is based on the RIARESEC theory. This is to explore a person’s potential based on his personality. RIASEC stands for types of personality types namely Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional.


After knowing the 6 ways of the Interest and Aptitude Test to Choose an Online college Major above, now you can start trying it. Please learn and practice it right away. Perhaps all the results will not be exactly the same as each other. But you will be able to capture the outline. This will make it easier to choose your college major in the future.

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